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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to Galaxy Note 6: Noticeable Improvements

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to Galaxy Note 6: Noticeable Improvements
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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to Galaxy Note 6: Noticeable Improvements

Samsung may feel immensely proud of its popular Note series, but the Galaxy Note 5 was an absolute disappointment with nothing new and exciting. Criticized for copying the Galaxy S6, the South Korean company had to convince fans that this time, there will be something exclusive for the Galaxy Note 6. Comparing the specs and features of the two phones will help you get a clearer picture of both the devices.

Design and Display

Framed by sleek glass and metal, the Galaxy Note 5 looks gorgeous with an S Pen meant to be used on its flat surface. The phone has a dual-edge back side that fits properly in your hands. The S Pen works like an actual pen and you can write, draw and do a lot more with it. Styled for agog fans, the device boasts a 5.7-inch quad HD super AMOLED screen with 2,560 x 1,440 resolution and 518ppi, states Samsung.

Expected to make its debut in third quarter of this year, the major attraction of the Galaxy Note 6 is its 4K foldable display. The humongous 6.2-inches screen will offer a remarkable 800 ppi, notes a Samsung Galaxy Note 6 blog.


Snap to your delight with the Note 5’s 16MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. The phone can record UDH or 4K display for videos that looks professional. The rear camera is fitted with auto real-time HDR and the front camera is best for taking 120 degrees wide selfie angle with auto real-time HDR feature.

Coming to the Galaxy Note 6, the rear camera is a staggering 30MP sensor and the front camera is 16MP. Camera features include optical image stabilization, auto focus, wireless charging, rapid charging with 3D-4K resolution for the lenses.


The battery power in Galaxy Note 6 is more powerful with a 4,000mAH battery than the Note 5’s 3000mAH battery.


It came as disappointment to several fans when Samsung decided to discard the microSd card slot in the Note 5. However, the rumor mill is rife that the Galaxy Note 6 will support a microSd card, reports LatinosHealth.

In many ways, the Galaxy Note 6 supersedes its predecessor, but to enjoy the features of the phone, you will have to wait until it releases. Know more about the Note 6 here.

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