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Samsung Electronics Promises a Newly Designed Galaxy S5

Samsung Electronics Promises a Newly Designed Galaxy S5


Samsung Electronics Promises a Newly Designed Galaxy S5

Samsung Electronics Promises a Newly Designed Galaxy S5As expected, Samsung Electronics was present in the recently held Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas. The consumer electronics firm’s announcements in the event were mostly pertaining to its digital imaging and HDTV units. But of course, it did not escape questions from the press about the status of its popular devices.

Mobile executive vice president Lee Young Hee has hinted that the company would ‘mix things up’ when it launches the newest version of its flagship smartphone. He has assured that Samsung is on track to launch and release the much awaited Galaxy S5.

If there would be no changes in the timetable, the smartphone company would set a major launch for the next flagship smartphone in March or April. But Mr. Lee said that everyone has to watch it out because Samsung Galaxy S5 would be totally different from its predecessor.

Bolting out from predecessor

It could be recalled that Samsung Galaxy S4 was slightly criticized by the skeptics when it was launched because it almost physically resembled its predecessor S III. But the company assured that there would be major and drastic changes in S5. To the press who could no longer wait, Mr. Lee simply asserted that the evident changes would focus on the feel of the cover and on the display.

Samsung would also launch the next-generation Galaxy Note. The device would incorporate a new wraparound display. However, Mr. Lee said the launch of this new product might take longer as it is slated for later this year. It could be recalled that the company launched Note 2 and Note 3 at the recent IFA trade show in Berlin last September.

Improving Galaxy Gear

It was in the same technology event that Samsung unveiled its smart watch Galaxy Gear. However, that new device took a lukewarm reception in the market. Many analysts found the Samsung smart watch as too costly with limited features and difficult interface. Apparently, Samsung heard and considered those complaints. Thus, the company promises to incorporate into it ‘more advanced functions’ on top of better design.

But other than the Galaxy S5 announcement, if there is another interesting issue about Samsung at the recent CES, it would be the scene made by director Michael Bay. He awkwardly walked out from the stage following an obvious mishap with the teleprompter.

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