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Samsung demonstrates Otto, A Personal Assistant Robot, at SDC

Samsung demonstrates Otto, A Personal Assistant Robot, at SDC
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Samsung demonstrates Otto, A Personal Assistant Robot, at SDC

Earlier today, in the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC), the tech company revealed several exciting announcements, but that wasn’t the best part. Otto, a tiny personal assistant robot stole the limelight of the day with its cute voice pattern and basic features that were demonstrated to the audience.

The portable lamp side robot responds to questions like “what’s the weather?’, which isn’t something unique when compared to voice navigator, Siri. However, its features currently range itself to controlling other household equipment like refrigerators and light switches.

Although some of its features are similar to Amazon’s Echo device, its design and technology proves it further itself from any other. The robot also has an inbuilt HD camera placed on its face, with features like facial recognition which can also be used for security purposes. The design of Otto looks quite similar to ‘Wall-E’s eve’, screening a visual resemblance to human’s facial feature. But that’s not all, the gadget received its ‘Aw’ compliments when it started to ‘sing’ and ‘dance’, tilting its head and changing its visuals on screen.

Otto sings a song #sdc2016

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Although these features just aren’t convincing enough for the consumers to buy, Otto is just a prototype that was used by Samsung as a teaser during its demo of ARTIK Internet of Things platform. A cloud based platform which will connect any type of data from the internet.

ARTIK Internet was the main announcement as the company official gave the go to developers to create apps and devices that support its platform. ARTIK Cloud will also be one of its main priorities as its services will be used to run devices like the Otto. The tiny robot currently has official price but with more news on ARTIK we hope to hear its announcement through Otto.

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