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Samsung Assures Timely Galaxy S5 Release despite Recent Setbacks

Samsung Assures Timely Galaxy S5 Release despite Recent Setbacks


Samsung Assures Timely Galaxy S5 Release despite Recent Setbacks

A fire that broke out at a handset manufacturing facility in South Korea last Sunday morning is currently drawing concern from fans of Samsung Electronics’ upcoming smartphone, the Galaxy S5. That is because there are woes that the destructed plant may incur disruptions and possibly affect the timely delivery of the new handset on its release schedule.

But before many people who await the new Galaxy device get too concerned and worried, the electronic gadgets manufacturer assured that the recent fire incident should not cause any impact on the scheduled rollout of Galaxy S5. That means that the new device’s release date would push through despite the problem encountered at a manufacturing facility.

The fire that disrupted a facility

Affected by the fire was DAP Corporation’s manufacturing plant in Anseong, South Korea. The facility is a site where printed circuit boards (PCBs) are assembled. The recent fire incurred major damage to equipment, estimated to be about $1 billion in total. Up to 287 firefighters (in 81 vehicles) put a battle that lasted six hours to seize the breakout.

In a statement, Samsung assured its customers that the fire incident at the plant should not cause production delays for Galaxy S5. The company assured that it is relying on multiple contractors. Thus, if DAP Corp fails to deliver, it still has other contractors that could cover the shortage. That’s not all. Samsung also said it would do its best to help its partner stabilize its affected operations.

Drawing fire from local regulator

The recent fire is not the only concern that is baffling Samsung prior to the release of Galaxy S5. At its homefront, the company would face a 45-day ban for local telecom carriers to sell smartphones. The Korean telecom ministry issued an injunction last Friday to prohibit major mobile service companies SK Telecom, LG UPlus Corp, and KT Corp from signing up new customers or providing replacement  handsets from March 13 to May 19. This move was a result of the carriers’ attempt to inappropriately (or illegally) subsidize phones.

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is slated to be rolled out in the US in April. This early, the company is already offering several ‘Samsung Galaxy Gifts’ in an effort to entice prospective buyers. Those freebies include free gratis downloads, in-app purchases, and premium subscriptions, all for a total of about $576 per customer. 

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