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Samsung Apps Gets a Rebrand; Now Called ‘Galaxy Apps’

Samsung Apps Gets a Rebrand; Now Called ‘Galaxy Apps’


Samsung Apps Gets a Rebrand; Now Called ‘Galaxy Apps’

Samsung Apps Gets a Rebrand; Now Called ‘Galaxy Apps’Samsung Electronics has remodeled its own app store. It was more than just a revamp. It was a rebranding task. Samsung Apps marketplace is now called Galaxy Apps.

The update brings in more changes, not just the name and the interface. The company is also offering numerous new applications that are exclusively developed and rolled out for all Galaxy mobile users.

To average users and bystanders, this rebranding may also mean prioritization and acknowledgement of the Galaxy devices being the most popular products of the electronics and device manufacturer. Surely, no one would disagree.

Three sections

The new Galaxy Apps come with three major sections. Those are Best Picks, Top, and For Galaxy. Each has its own unique features, as suggested by the names. Best Picks certainly summarizes the most recommended apps for Galaxy users.

Top logically showcases the top or most popular apps based on views by popularity, price tags, or date. The section For Galaxy is subdivided into four sub-sections. Gifts offer premium app exclusives. Essentials highlight must-have applications.

Apps for Professionals focus on business services from engineering to finance, medical, and homemaking. Galaxy Specials are for budding app creators and professional developers who are into creation of Samsung SDKs for home appliances, S Pen, and multiplayer games.

More hopes 

The company hopes that this rebrand would provide its users with better and more options for customization. It would also provide a platform for finding and promoting deals.

Galaxy Apps is now available in the US. According to Samsung, it would eventually reach out to over 130 million users of Galaxy devices across 161 countries globally. However, the company has yet to make any announcement about when the update would exactly be rolled out completely on a worldwide level, although analysts don’t see any impediment on that.

Anyone using a Galaxy device can now try to go and checkout the refreshed and rebranded marketplace. It would also be applicable to users of S5 mini and the brand’s budget handsets.  They can upload and download different apps and games of all types.

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