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Samsung App Reassures Premature Babies; Fosters Early Bond between Child and Mother

Samsung App Reassures Premature Babies; Fosters Early Bond between Child and Mother
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Samsung App Reassures Premature Babies; Fosters Early Bond between Child and Mother

There is no way of finding out exactly how emotionally distressed a premature baby is, all alone in that intimidating incubator. In order to ease an infant’s mind and heart and help him get through the incubation period as smoothly as possible, Samsung has come up with an app called “Voices of Life” that helps deliver the mother’s voice to the baby.

According to Ubergizmo, there have been studies that show that babies, who are in some form of connection with their mothers, be it physical touch or hearing the mother’s voice, are most likely to have a strong and healthy development from an early age. However, babies who have had a premature delivery are required to stay under observation in an incubator 24/7 and hence, miss out on the reassuring bond between mother and her child. To help these babies have the same experience and strong bond that normal babies enjoy, Samsung has come up with Voices of Life app.

Samsung’s Voices of Life app will allow mothers to record voice notes and heartbeats, reports Engadget, and relay it back to the newborns, in a frequency that has been moderated to a scale that can be understood by infants. The recordings can be played within the incubator and help the child feel secure and safe in a foreign environment.

It was reported that only last year saw the birth of about 15 million babies alone. Samsung’s app not only boasts of bringing about a healthy development for babies but also helps them connect with their mothers who might not be present at proximity all the time.

Talks are still going on regarding which hospitals will get chosen for testing out the initial response to the Samsung app. Other than that, there is also the fact of making sure that the equipment at the neonatal care unit is up to date to host a device/speaker that plays the recordings.

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