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Samsung Ad Blocker Back In The Play Store

Samsung Ad Blocker Back In The Play Store
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Samsung Ad Blocker Back In The Play Store

A week ago, Google has removed one of Samsung’s first ad blocker app from its Play Store. The plug-in app which is called Adblock Fast was developed by startup Rocketship Apps. According to The Verge, the ad blocker was pulled from the Play Store last Tuesday after the app has just been made available for a day because Google said that it had violated a section of the store’s developer agreements.

Rocketship developer Brian Kennish confirmed this by posting a message where Kennish explained that Google has said that their app was removed because it has violated section 4.4 of the search engine firm’s Developer Distribution Agreement.

The start up Rocketship is known to be in a partnership deal with Samsung, after the South Korean firm opened its API to third- party developers to build content or ad blocking features for its own Samsung Internet app. Additionally, included with the developer’s statement, is a copy of the message that was sent to him by Google. Kennish claims that they weren’t even warned before the pull out.

Though the tech giant didn’t respond to Kennish and his team immediately, they have confirmed that it had indeed pulled out the Adblock Fast app from its stores. But after a few hours Google budged and released a statement that it doesn’t comment on specific apps, it confirmed that its policies are designed to provide a great experience for users and developers.

But Google seems to have a change of heart, as UberGizmo has reported that Google has just restored the Adblock Fast to the Play Store. This is also supported by the fact that Rocketship has also posted a message personally written by Kennish at its blog with a banner stating “Adblock Fast for Android re-launches. Rejected, removed, reinstated and approved by Google.”

The blog explains how its app was rejected after it was submitted then removed. How the company has appealed and fortunately got the tech giant reversed its earlier decision. Also posted on the ad blocker’s blog is the exact message that the developer received from the search engine giant. The message states that Google has accepted Rocketship’s appeal and has been reinstated.

However to be able to have the app appear on the Play Store, users need to sign into their Developer Console and submit their app again. The blog ended with the ad blocker surprising its supporters with news that the app has been updated to version 1.1.0 so that it could extend support to Android 4.0 and up. It could also clarify the user experience for those that doesn’t have the Samsung Internet 4.0 in their devices yet.

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