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Safari Browser: Crashed Worldwide On iPhones And Macs On Wednesday

Safari Browser: Crashed Worldwide On iPhones And Macs On Wednesday


Safari Browser: Crashed Worldwide On iPhones And Macs On Wednesday

Apple’s Safari browser was put under the spotlight when it started crashing on iOS devices, iPhones and Macs. The surprising part was that this was not happening on a few devices or in a few countries, but Mac and iPhone users spread across the globe experienced the crash. Why? What can be the reason?

A report published by The Verge pointed out that this Safari browser crashing issue began after iPhone and Mac users were forced to update or reinstall their software. This was asked to be done due to a security glitch. “An expired security certificate used by Apple to verify apps forced a number of Mac users to reinstall certain pieces of software after the company attempted to move from the older SHA-1 standard, to the newer, more secure, SHA-2. Some apps in the App Store did not support the SHA-2 standard, resulting in the forced reinstall,” reported The Verge.

The Safari browser crashing issue lasted for around 7 hours on Wednesday after which Apple said that the issue has been fixed. The company did not give any reason for the outage. An iOS developer, Steven Troughton-Smith said that the Safari browser crashing issue lies in the “search suggestions” feature. The problem can be solved by disabling it. Another solution provided by him was to open websites in “private mode” of the browser.

iOS users who were experiencing the Safari browser crash took to Twitter as well as Apple’s Support Forum to either discuss the problem or get some help. “If you open Safari on iOS 9.2.1 and tap on the search/address bar, the browser crashes instantly to the home screen. Verified this on 3 different iPhone units, 2 iPhone 6 and 1 iPhone 6S Plus, all updated to the last iOS version, so is definitely an iOS 9.2.1 bug. If you open a “private mode” tab, the browser works just fine,” posted Ruiner75 on the forum. In a reply, musigui said, “Same problem here. This wasn’t a problem yesterday and was using 9.2.1 then. Just suddenly started today. Turning off safari suggestions workaround works here.” Other users kept posting about their issues too until the problem was resolved.

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