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Ryan Lochte Robbed In Rio: Finally Admitted Lies And Cheating

Ryan Lochte Robbed In Rio: Finally Admitted Lies And Cheating
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Ryan Lochte Robbed In Rio: Finally Admitted Lies And Cheating

Ryan Lochte’s story that he and his teammates were robbed in Rio was a result of his “over exaggeration.” This is also amidst of the reports that he cheated on girlfriend Karly Rae Reid while he was in the games.

The swimmer has come clean over the controversy that he and teammates James Feigen, Gunnar Bentz, and Jack Conger were robbed in a gas station in Rio and said that due to intoxication that he was able to tell lies.

“I over-exaggerated that story,” the 32-year-old Ryan Lochte, told in an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer.

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He also said that a security guard pointed the gun on his head and cocked the weapon.

“That didn’t happen and that’s why — I over-exaggerated that part,” Ryan Lochte continued.

When asked why he made up such statement which has tarnished Rio’s reputation, the Olympian said, “I don’t know why.”

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“I’m not making me being intoxicated like an excuse, I’m not doing that at all,” Ryan Lochte said. “It was my fault and I shouldn’t have said it.”

In his earlier statement, the 12-time medallist Ryan Lochte said that he was robbed at gunpoint at a gas station in Rio after a night of celebration.

However, authorities in Rio slammed the swimmer’s allegation, saying they were all made up as CCTV footage tells otherwise, NBC said in a report.

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Reports said that the swimmers actually vandalize the gas station and had a brawl with the security guards.

After the mess, they decided to pay the damage.

“They were not victims of the criminal actions that they claimed they were,” Rio Police Chief Fernando Veloso said. “They fabricated a story.”

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Ryan Lochte, who was also rumoured that he cheated on his model and girlfriend Karly Rae Reid while he was in Rio, said that he was embarrassed with that he did.

The American athlete reportedly cheated on his girlfriend and his deceiving statements about the robbery was his way to cover up.

Despite this, Ryan Lochte has just come clean about the embarrassment he brought to Brazil.

The swimmer is yet to state his side on the cheating allegations.

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