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Ryan Coles: Facts About Man Who Beat Mom And Dad To Death

Ryan Coles: Facts About Man Who Beat Mom And Dad To Death
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Ryan Coles: Facts About Man Who Beat Mom And Dad To Death

A man named Ryan Coles has been booked for the murder of his parents, 58-year-old Edward Coles, Jr. and 55-year-old Rosemarie Coles.

On Saturday, autopsies confirmed that the West Deptford couple, who were found dead in their Pennfield Drive home on Friday morning, were beaten to death. The couple’s bodies were discovered by a relative before 11:30 a.m. after he was unable to reach them by telephone the night before.

ABC reported that the official cause of death was blunt head trauma, according to the Gloucester County Medical Examiner. According to sources, their son Ryan Coles might have used a chair to beat his parents to death.

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Edward Coles worked at Coles Music Service in Mantua as a repair technician. He was the former operator of the store. According to current operator Lauralee Houghton, his son was a former employee, but soon left.

The son was in the house when police arrived, the prosecutor’s office said. The prosecutor’s office reported that the son was taken to Inspira Hospital, Woodbury, for medical evaluation. The relative, after discovering the bodies, saw that Ryan was as calm as anyone could possibly be. The son told him that his parents were sick.

Retired DRPA officer Michael Mustac said there were times he saw seen the son sitting on the home’s front steps, sometimes appearing to talk to himself. There were sources who confirmed that Ryan had been struggling with mental illness. Due to his health, multiple police calls were made; however, there had been no arrests.

Mustac talked about the first time he met Edward Cole’s son. It was 20 years go when the then 8-year-old helped Mustac on the street.

“How did you go from that nice boy on a bike doing me a huge favor to this? It’s mind boggling,” he said.

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