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Russia’s Lethal Tank Force Ready For World War Against NATO

Russia’s Lethal Tank Force Ready For World War Against NATO
T-90S Dmitry Terekhov / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Russia’s Lethal Tank Force Ready For World War Against NATO

Russia claims it does not want war with NATO, but it does not mean it will not prepare to retaliate when conflict reaches new levels. However, as much as there is conflict between Russia and NATO, experts believe that NATO’s battles are far bigger with itself than its perceived threat.

Russia Prepares Lethal Tank

Russia denies making a move against NATO, but its preparation for war also seems apparent. The country is reportedly working on the T-14 Armata.

“The Armata is a capable looking platform, however it remains to be seen what the tank variant of it actually looks like—the final version,” National Interest quoted Michael Kofman, a research scientist specializing in Russian military affairs at CNA Corporation.

“It’s going to field trials. It’s still in development, and, frankly, it will take another two years to see what changes it will go through,” Kofman added. Russia will be most likely to send the new tank in company-sized elements in the Western half of the country until it improves the units extending to the battalions.

“The Russians will adjust accordingly,” Kofman said. However, the report noted that Russia’s tanks are often lagging behind the United States. It is not clear how excellent the country’s ammunition is, but if it can work out the specifics, it could be a formidable force. Some experts noted that other aspects of Russia’s force don’t only match up to the West but could also possibly be better. 

NATO’s Troubles

More than Russia’s tanks, NATO must be more aware of the conflicts or challenges that may be ensuing within its backyard.

“All the more reason for NATO not to be cautious,” the Washington Post quoted Jonathan Eyal, associate, director of the Royal United Services Institute in London.

“This is not the time to wobble over enlargement or pretend that Brexit doesn’t matter. Both matter desperately for the cohesion of the transatlantic relationship.” NATO cannot deny that Britain’s exit will not affect things and it also needs to address the seemingly growing alliance between Russia and Greece as the latter is still crucial for the Union.

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