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Russians Have Wild Thoughts Against Americans

Russians Have Wild Thoughts Against Americans
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Russians Have Wild Thoughts Against Americans

Tensions between Russia and the United States sparked by the Ukraine crisis have given birth to a strong anti-American sentiment among Russians. The situation has caused Russians to develop disturbing thoughts against Americans.

A Russian man has killed a friend whom he believed is an American spy. A lawmaker believes Americans will hang his child to death. Russia’s foreign ministry has recently warned Russians against traveling to the U.S. because Americans are hunting them.

Russians vs Americans

A Russian man beat his friend to death using only his fists after a whole day of drinking spree where the friend told him he often travels abroad, The Washington Times reported. Asked by police about his motive why he killed his friend, the Russian man said he believed his friend is an American spy.

A lawmaker who has spoken with The Washington Times believe that the “United States wants to kill me and hang my child.” The lawmaker, Yevgeny Fyodorov, believes the U.S. has infiltrators within the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin is doing his best to free Russia from the infiltration.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has been consistent in his warning that Russian citizens are being ‘hunted’ by U.S. special services.

While not all Russians share the same wild thoughts about the Americans, those who still perceive Americans with optimism chose not to express their opinions.

“I try to avoid speaking politics with lots of my old friends and acquaintances,” said a businessman who has spoken with The Washington Times on condition of anonymity.

“Many of them have just been brainwashed into thinking that American officials spend all day dreaming up ways to harm Russia. It’s simpler — and a lot safer — not to discuss such things with them,” the businessman said.

Anti-Americanism a trend in Russia

Anti-Americanism in Russia has grown to a level that is worse compared during the post-Soviet Russia, The Washington Times reported citing a poll published by Moscow-based Levada Center. According to the poll, 80 percent of Russians view Americans negatively. The hatred among Russians brewed in late 2011 when Mr Putin accused Hillary Clinton of igniting revolution in his country. The feeling is mutual among Americans. Seventy percent of Americans viewed the Russians negatively as revealed by a recent Gallup poll.


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