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Russian Park Names Black Goat Obama

Russian Park Names Black Goat Obama
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Russian Park Names Black Goat Obama

Well, Russian President Vladimir Putin may like Donald Trump, but he certainly doesn’t like U.S. President Barack Obama. And you bet some Russian farmers pretty much feel the same way. One of them, in fact, named a goat after the U.S. president.

Nobody still knows what farmer Oleg Sirota was thinking when he decided to name a black goat Obama. Dmitry Mezentsev, the Director of the Primorsky Safari Park, has said that Obama is a “rare and exotic beast,” which is why they had decided to get preparations underway to move him to the safari park after learning about him in March 2016.

Earlier this month, Mezentsev said he personally flew out to Sochi to greet Obama himself and prepare him for the trip. Along the way, the park director decided to take advantage of the trip and do some sightseeing of Sochi, including the spot where the Olympics was held.

At the same time, he also tried to get inside the residence of the Russian president. However, the Russian president normally doesn’t hold meetings with goats, regardless of names. This means that Obama was, unfortunately, not allowed inside. Somehow, there’s no surprise there.

For the move to the park, Mezentsev noted that Obama had to undergo extensive preparation as the safari park “needed guarantees that Obama is not buried a any infection that Obama does not have worms and so on.” Following this, it seems that Obama got a clean bill of health.

The Safari Park is home to a number of animals, which it showcases in two tours of the area. The first tour introduces visitors to the park’s hoofed animals, including tigers and leopards. Lasting two hours, it costs 450 rubies for adults. Meanwhile the second tour lets visitors see the park’s wild animals and birds. This tour costs 300 rubies for adults.

Excitedly, Mezentsev remarked that the Seaside Safari Park displays not just animals from Primorye, “but also two kinds of purely American” today. They are Obama the goat and a raccoon.

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