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Russian Airline Crash: Bomb Planted By Airport Personnel Serving The ISIS

Russian Airline Crash: Bomb Planted By Airport Personnel Serving The ISIS
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Russian Airline Crash: Bomb Planted By Airport Personnel Serving The ISIS

Russian airline crash: An airport insider probably offering service for the ISIS may have planted the bomb aboard plane.

Morning News USA has consistently reported that the consensus among US officials, intelligence officers and even President Barack Obama is that a bomb, most probably ISIS-planted bomb, brought down Russia’s Metrojet Flight 9268.

This update on the Russian airline crash received follow-up reports that warned about a 9/11 style attack on international flights all over the world. Now a leading strategic security intelligence service provider has painted a nightmare scenario: a trusted employee who can bypass the multiple layers of security enveloping international air travel may have engaged in an inside job.

The Soufan Group, an intelligence agency providing services to governments and multinational organizations, has said that the common speculation is that a bomb was planted by either an employee of the airport or someone given access to the plane by an employee. “The absence of a martyrdom video suggests that the group had someone on the inside; until that person is arrested, the threat persists, leading the U.S. and the UK to force immediate Egyptian security measures by going public with information they probably would have preferred to keep secret,” the intelligence group said.

The Soufan Group has said that the mere fact the U.K. and the U.S. have spoken of the possibility of an ISIS-planted bomb aboard the crashed jet ahead of forensic evidence or official confirmation from investigators suggests that the two nations have collected “terrorist chatter of a highly compelling nature.” The intelligence group commented that both U.K. and U.S. have been saying in advance that the plane crash was the fault of ISIS. “That the two governments stepped ahead of the forensic evidence suggests they believe that the threat was larger than a one-time event,” Soufan Group stated.

There have been reports that Israel provided US and UK with intelligence suggesting that ISIS bombed the Russian passenger plane. While this has been denied by Israel Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, he recognized the highest probability that this was a terrorist attack. “We are not taking part in the investigation, but from what we hear and understand, I will be surprised if it turns out that this was not a terrorist attack whereby a bomb exploded inside the aircraft,” a spokesman for Yaalon was quoted as saying by Reuters. However, a senior adviser for the defense minister criticized the premature international speculation surrounding the downed plane, saying it can effect Egypt’s tourism sector which is the lifeblood of the nation.

CNN has reported that experts from Russia, France, Germany and Ireland are helping in the investigation. While Russia is accepting data from the U.K. with ease, talks between the FBI and Russian officials are still ongoing. Both sides would want to determine first the scope of FBI’s involvement in the case.

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