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United States Will Lose To Russia & China

United States Will Lose To Russia & China
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United States Will Lose To Russia & China

Times are sensitive and critical as world powers come against each other, specifically the United States against Russia and China. As the West seemingly wage war against world powers, there have been doubts on whether it can really win against its perceived threats. Is the U.S. headed for downfall in this new world war?

US Lagging Behind Russia and China

The United States is faced with a dilemma as some question its readiness and level of technology when faced with threats from Russia and China. Some Western officials think that the military is in crisis and that the U.S. may not be able to defend itself against their threats, thanks to the counter-insurgency wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the seeming trend where innovation has run out of the force.

“We’re in a dramatic crisis now. There is no question that we’re capable against the threats on the counter-terrorism side, but we’ve reached a point where we’re in fact—not heading towards—but we’re already hollow against a high-end threat,” National Interest quoted House Armed Services Committee majority staff director Bob Simmons talking to to an audience at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) on June 21.

“We lack the capacity and capability that we need to effectively deter on the high-end,” added the official.

According to the report, the problem stems from a number of things including the problematic capacity of Pentagon’s entire range of capabilities in the air, on land, at sea and in space. There have been several reports in the past highlighting how Russia and China have continued to progress their technologies that the former may be able to defeat the West in just a few days if it wants to. 

The Conflicting Relationship of the US and Russia

It does not help that Russia and the United States are going against each other in a number of world issues, like the NATO tensions, European sanctions, South China Sea, and Syria.

According to Voice of America, it would seem apparent that while the U.S. and Russia are trying to “bring peace” in the region, they are also on the opposing sides. They have been calling each other aggressive while breaking the terms of their supposed truce. As the tensions continue, some analysts believe that there could only be one answer to what is happening: both countries are vying for power.

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