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Russia Will Strike Back Anytime If US Deploys Heavy Weapons In Baltics

Russia Will Strike Back Anytime If US Deploys Heavy Weapons In Baltics
NATO ships participate in Baltops Official US Navy Page / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Russia Will Strike Back Anytime If US Deploys Heavy Weapons In Baltics

Russia vowed to station an equal amount of heavy military arsenals in its borders over the Baltic Region if the United States pushed its plan to do so. Russia will be compelled to deploy missiles in Kaliningrad, between Poland and Lithuania. The country will also increase the number of operating troops in the border if provoked to do so.

Morning News USA has previously reported that both Poland and Lithuania confirmed negotiations with U.S. involving deployment of heavy weapons in different NATO country allies in the Baltic Region. Polish officials said they are just waiting for U.S.’s official decision on the proposal.

Russia will be compelled to retaliate

“If heavy US military equipment, including tanks, artillery batteries and other equipment really does turn up in countries in eastern Europe and the Baltics, that will be the most aggressive step by the Pentagon and NATO since the Cold War,” Russia defense military official general Yuri Yakubov was quoted as saying by Reuters.

“Russia will have no option but to build up its forces and resources on the Western strategic front,” Yakubov continued.

“Our hands are completely free to organize retaliatory steps to strengthen our Western frontiers.”

Russia shows Su-35 fighter engine, US F-22 coming soon

Russia has showcased an engine for its Sukhoi Su-35 during Paris Air Show. The new fighter engines are intended to be the transitional engines for Russia’s fifth generation jet fighters, the Sputnik International reported.

Meanwhile, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James who has also attended the show said she perceived Russian activities as the biggest threat that America faces. She then boasted about two B-2 stealth bombers stationed at Fairford Air Base in UK as well as U-2 spyplane operating from Akoritir, Cyprus. She expressed confidence that F-22 will soon fly in to Europe to strengthen NATO defense against Russia’s aggression.


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