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Russia Will Send Enemies To Oblivion, NATO Is Ready

Russia Will Send Enemies To Oblivion, NATO Is Ready
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Russia Will Send Enemies To Oblivion, NATO Is Ready

Russia will soon have highly advanced electronic warfare system capable of sending enemy’s cruise missile and other high-precision weapon guidance systems into oblivion during actual war. The system will be installed on Russia’s military tanks as well as on nuclear glide vehicles and warships, but it has the capacity to switch off enemy weapons even if such weapons were loaded into aerospace vehicles.

New electronic warfare can suppress enemy’s cruise missile

Russia’s Radio-Electronic Technologies Group or KRET said the new system will render it impossible for enemies to detect its cruise missiles or to even send command through radio signals. Once it switches off enemy weapons, detection or even launching an attack will not be possible.

“The system will be used against cruise missiles and will suppress satellite-based radio location systems. It will actually switch off enemy weapons. The system will target the enemy’s deck-based, tactical, long-range and strategic aircraft, electronic means and suppress foreign military satellites’ radio-electronic equipment,” Russia’s KRET Deputy CEO, Yuri Mayevsky, told TASS on Thursday.

Russia’s military tanks, aircraft and warships will be installed with the new system according to Mayevsky. KRET consultant Vladimir Mikheyev said the multifunctional electronic warfare system can target enemy’s aerospace vehicles from the ground. Testing of the new system is already underway.

“It will fully suppress communications, navigation and target location and the use of high-precision weapons. Ground tests are now going on in workshops. At the end of the year, the system’s component will leave the factory gates for trials at testing ranges,” Mikheyev told TASS.

NATO will include rehearsals of nuclear weapons during war games

NATO now considers including nuclear weapons during military drills, according to officials who have spoken to The Guardian on condition of anonymity. The nuclear readiness of participating allies during war games should be upgraded in order to counter imminent nuclear attack from Russia.

“Deterrence, based on an appropriate mix of nuclear, conventional and missile defense capabilities is a core element of our overall strategy. We cannot go into detail on our nuclear discussions. These are internal, sensitive and classified matters. What I can say is that Nato continuously assess all aspects of Russia’s military activities, including Russia’s nuclear rhetoric,” the source told The Guardian.

Another source said Russia is lowering the threshold in using nuclear weapons with President Vladimir Putin openly talking about his country’s nuclear capabilities.

“This kind of nuclear threat was something which we found quite surprising, quite negative and is something we believe should be avoided but we are closely examining it carefully as part of the overall examination of Russia’s activities in Europe and how we at least in NATO must unfortunately react,” the source said.


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