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Russia And Ukraine Cannot Be Stopped, NATO Adds Fuel To The Fire

Russia And Ukraine Cannot Be Stopped, NATO Adds Fuel To The Fire
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Russia And Ukraine Cannot Be Stopped, NATO Adds Fuel To The Fire

Russia and Ukraine cannot seem to resolve their differences and this could lead to war. Likewise, NATO is adding fuel to the fire by pushing the idea that Russia is a threat. Could the tensions spark a new world war?

A senior Russian politician just warned that Ukraine is in for a “frightening and undesirable” war unless it abandons its missile plans. The Kiev is thinking of holding a missile test in Crimea which Russia expressed disapproval.

Russia And Ukraine Cannot Be Stopped?

Ukraine is looking into doing missile-firing drills over a region that Russia claimed following the annexation of Crimea. Despite Russia’s claims over the region, Ukraine and Western powers do not recognize such claims.

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“If the situation escalates to the point where a military response is necessary, this will surely be the most frightening and undesirable scenario of events, which all of us should prevent at all costs.” The chairman of the foreign policy committee in the upper house of the Russian parliament, Konstantin Kosachev explained via Express.

“I’d place an accent on the phrase ‘all of us’ because that’s not exclusively Russia’s problem.” The senator added. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is monitoring the situation closely.

NATO Adds Fuel To The Fire?

Russian Ambassador to NATO Alexander Grushko, likewise, said that NATO is not helping the situation. The official said that NATO countries remain convinced about the Russian threat narrative.

“NATO still pursues the policy determined at the Wales and Warsaw summits. This policy is aimed at obtaining the central role in ensuring the Euro-Atlantic security once again, using the so-called ‘Russian threat’ myth. There are no signs yet that NATO countries are willing to abandon this course.” The official explained via TASS.

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