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Russia Tricks US Allies Into World War – Report

Russia Tricks US Allies Into World War – Report
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Russia Tricks US Allies Into World War – Report

Russia is reportedly “trapping” countries to start war in Syria which some parties call out to be against the interests of the United States. Furthermore, Russia is already warning countries across the globe that should any efforts to maintain peace in Syria fail then World War will ensue.

This is not the first time that Russian Vladimir Putin threatened setting off a world war but the turn of events recently seems to convince several parties that the world may be on the brink of war – which is in favor of what Russia was hoping. Forces from Turkey and Saudi are already mobilizing with more campaigns launched possibly in Syria. A submission from Burak Bekdil via The Gatestone Institute said that letting Sunni supremacists into the sectarian war will not be a smart move to control Russian expansion in the area. Likewise, Turkey and Saudi Arabia do not stand a chance against Russia’s military or its interests. Rather, it can be seen more as a trap by Moscow.

According to the Institute: “It should be alarming for the West if Turkey and Saudi Arabia, two important U.S. allies, have decided to fight a strange cocktail of enemies on Syrian territory, including Syrian forces, radical jihadists, various Shiite forces and, most critically, Russia — all in order to support “moderate” Islamists. That may be the opening of a worse disaster in Syria, possibly spanning over the next 10 to 15 years.”

More than concerns over the moves of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Forbes also recounts the set of events which could have rendered the world on the brink of war: worsened ISIS problem because Assad decided to follow Putin’s old Chechnya strategy, migrant problem which is essentially a population exchange phenomenon on a larger scale, West’s nuclear deal with Iran deal and its accompanying consequences linked to Moscow, Russia’s bombing of Syria which many parties called out because it bombed almost everyone but barely ISIS and Turkey’s response that also dragged Saudi Arabia that can now get in the way of Putin’s ambitions in Syria.

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