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Russia Will Be On The Moon And Mars Soon

Russia Will Be On The Moon And Mars Soon
MAKS 2015 Office of the President Of Russia / Official Page CC by 4.0


Russia Will Be On The Moon And Mars Soon

It’s now a race against who gets to set up a station on the Moon and Mars first. As countries work on space travel to both locations, Russia claims that it may be able to set up stations on the Moon and Mars. The country also hopes that space exploration could be a common ground between Moscow and Washington despite differences

Head of Russia’s Federal Space Agency Igor Komarov said that Russian orbital stations may be established on the Moon and Mars in the next five decades.

“I think we are looking at a lot of progress to be made in the next 55 years, and a lot of exciting developments. I think we will see a mission to Mars, and I think that Russia together with its partners in other countries will set up an orbital station on Mars. I’m sure there will also be a lot of research activity on the Moon, including the creation of a lunar base and a lunar orbital station. By the way, we are already discussing such plans with our partners in NASA and the European Space Agency,” said Komarov in his interview with RT TV news channel (via TASS).

“The concept of a low-orbit space station, which today is the International Space Station, will also change significantly, assuming an entirely different set of functions, such as the servicing of spacecraft and space tugs, particularly for purposes of traveling to the Moon and to Mars. It will also serve other purposes, hopefully including space tourism,” he added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also added that space is an important ground for US-Russia cooperation.

“Despite any difficulties we face on the ground, people in space work side by side, hand in hand, they help each other and carry out tasks of utmost importance not just for our countries, but for the whole of humanity. And this is a very important area of our cooperation with the United States, as well as with other countries,” the president said in a video conference with the ISS.

Russia and the US have been at odds over political tensions across the globe. Russia blamed US pressure for hindering Syrian conflict cooperation. It has also cited US military decisions in undermining EU-Russia relations.

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