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Russia’s Syria Campaign Could Cost Putin

Russia’s Syria Campaign Could Cost Putin
Coalition Airstrike on ISIL position in Kobane Voice of America News: Scott Bobb reports from the Suruç, Turkey/ Kobane, Syrian border; “Turkish Border Towns Hosting Thousands of Kobani Refugees” / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


Russia’s Syria Campaign Could Cost Putin

Russia’s campaign in Syria could only be costly for it in the future, according to European leaders. As tensions in the region, Russia is in deeper scrutiny for its participation in the war. Is there a way out for Moscow?

Leaders issued a warning that EU will not send out any checks to an Assad-run country. According to the group of diplomats, if Russia will still continue to support the regime then it could be faced with paying for the region’s reconstruction.

Russia To Be Responsible For Syria?

The French, specifically, warned Vladimir Putin about footing the bill. According to European leaders, Russia could pay for supporting Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, and allowing a military victory.

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“What Russia breaks is what Moscow will have to fix,” one western diplomat said via The Guardian. A World Bank projection estimates the total Syrian reconstruction cost to be around $180 billion. However, despite Putin’s aspirations to share a plan and responsibility with EU, leaders made it clear. The EU will not send out any help to a nation run by a man under war crimes allegations.

Syrian Investigation

On top of this, Russia is linked with several incidents in Syria. A US military investigation suggests that Russian and coalition officers engaged in a 27-minute game of phone tag in the middle of an American operation.

“In this instance, we did not rise to the high standard we hold ourselves to, and we must do better than this each and every time,” explained Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Harrigian, commander of US Air Forces in the Middle East via CNN.

“The decision to strike these targets was made in accordance with the law of armed conflict and the applicable rules of engagement.” Added US Brig. Gen. Richard Coe, the officer charged with investigating the airstrike.

“But we concluded based upon post-strike analysis that a number of ‘human factors’ resulted in incorrect identification of forces on the ground.”

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