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Russia Strategizes For War Against US, NATO

Russia Strategizes For War Against US, NATO
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Russia Strategizes For War Against US, NATO

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a document naming, for the first time, NATO and the United States as the country’s threats.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a document naming, for the first time, NATO and the United States as the country’s threats. The document is the basis for the country’s military strategy in preserving national security. The president signed the document following an intelligence report from the U.S. Navy acknowledging Russia’s military might that could undermine that of the West.

Morning News USA has been closely watching the tense relations between U.S. and NATO against Russia. Words about a looming World War 3 that could get nuclear has been around since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March 2014. The relationship worsened when Turkey shot down a Russian jet in November 2015. The U.S. has always been a strong NATO ally. The alliance has always followed article 5 which states that an attack to one ally is an attack to all. NATO and U.S. have always been  a foe of Russia since the Cold War Era.

On New Year’s Eve, Mr. Putin signed the document “About the Strategy of National Security of Russian Federation,” Reuters reported. In the document, The U.S. and its allies were accused of strategizing to retain their dominance in global affairs, Reuters reported. Such move would likely to lead to “political, economical, military and informational pressure” on Russia, the document highlights as quoted by Reuters.

The document further states that the U.S. and the European Union have promoted an “anti-constitutional coup d’etat in Ukraine” that worsen the military conflict in the region. Furthermore, the U.S. has kept on expanding its network of military-biological laboratories in Russia’s borders. NATO’s expansion to different borders of Russia has also been viewed as threat against the Russia’s national security, the document reads. With all these, Russia was compelled to heighten military capacity to defend its national security. But due to complex and interrelated nature, Russia saw it as important to heighten participation in military conflict in global capacity, the document notes.

On Jan. 2, The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced that its crews of Pacific Fleet ships and vessels performed more than 600 training, including more than 500 missile and gun firings, torpedo launches, mine-laying operations and bombardments. The Pacific Fleet naval aviation simulated 9 flight-tactic exercises, including ones with use on unmanned aerial vehicles. Pacific Fleet Commander Admiral Sergei Avakants announced that the Pacific Fleet combat training set for 2015 was implemented 100 percent.  Its Black Sea fleet, on the other hand, participated in about 100 different drills and training in 2015. The training included firing from the anti-ship coastal missile complex for the first time in the coast of Crimea.

In December of 2015, the U.S. Navy released a 68-page report from the U.S. Naval Intelligence. The document acknowledges the rising power of Russia’s navy that could undermine that of the U.S. and NATO. “The Russian Navy: A Historic Transition” highlights that the U.S. Navy may soon be denied access to Black and Baltic Seas with Russia’s new submarines and vessels.

The report describes Russia’s new fleet as designed to excel at warfare for being the quietest submarines in the world. Russia’s fifth generation aircraft, the PAK FA aka T-50 may soon be deployed this year, the document says. Such advancement could spell trouble for the U.S., the report suggests.

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