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Russia Rising As Superpower In Asia

Russia Rising As Superpower In Asia
Reception in honour of heads of delegations taking part in Russia-ASEAN summit President of Russia / Website CC BY 4.0


Russia Rising As Superpower In Asia

Russia is growing closer to Asian countries that there are now questions whether the country will meddle in with the South China Sea dispute and US allies. Moscow just signed an unprecedented agreement with ASEAN countries which could open new doors for cooperation and other matters. Is Russia the new superpower in Asia?

Asian nations are looking into exploring more opportunities with Russia as suggested by recent events. Take the Philippines, Indonesia and other ASEAN countries for example.

“Presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has agreed to explore the idea of a military cooperation with Russia with the growing  threat of terrorism,” Inquirer quoted Russian Ambassador to the Philippines Igor  Anatolyevich Khovaev. The official met with Duterte last Wednesday evening with the two officials reportedly agreeing to engage in combned efforts to fight terrorism.

“The struggle against terror and threats continues,” the ambassador told reporters after the meeting.

“All of us should combine all our efforts,” he added.

The official also claimed that apart “possible sharing of experiences as well as information,” he also talked to Duterte about the possibilities of supplying the Philippines with Russian military hardware.

It appears Indonesia is also looking for the same thing as it turns to Moscow for weaponry, according to Jakarta Post.

“We are in talks to purchase the submarines, but, of course, there are requirements we still need to address,” said Indonesian Ambassador to Russia M. Wahid Supriyadi. The shopping list also included Kilo-class submarines and Sukhoi’s Su-35 multi-role jet fighters.

Russia also just signed an agreement with ASEAN countries to explore further opportunities. According VOA Cambodia, the parties and the agreement will: “Foster greater cooperation to address traditional and nontraditional security challenges, such as international terrorism, transnational crime, threats to information security as well as countering the illegal production and trafficking of drugs, under global and regional frameworks, primarily through the United Nations.”

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