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Russia News: Vladimir Putin Boasts Surface Ships, Submarine, Missiles

Russia News: Vladimir Putin Boasts Surface Ships, Submarine, Missiles
Navy Day celebrations. Vladimir Putin visited the Aurora cruiser. President of Russia website CC BY 4.0


Russia News: Vladimir Putin Boasts Surface Ships, Submarine, Missiles

President Vladimir Putin flaunted some of Russia’s high-tech naval equipment during the celebration of the Russian Navy Day Sunday.

On Sunday, Putin visited vital Russian naval facilities boasting some of the country’s state-of-the-art technologies. Included in the president’s itinerary on Sunday were the Navy’s warships, including the cruiser Aurora.

New Technologies

During the celebration, Putin announced that the Navy will be receiving modern ships that are equipped with advanced technology to meet the demands of naval patrol. Putin announced the government’s augmentation of modern ships equipped with new weaponry.

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On the same day, Putin announced the government’s plan to refurbish the country’s Nakhimov Naval School. According to an official statement from Kremlin, the president eyed to overhaul the naval school to meet international standards.

“Maritime service has always been considered highly honourable in Russia. Our brave sailors, talented shipbuilders, daring explorers, and famous naval commanders devoted their lives to serving the Navy and their Motherland,” Putin said in his speech during the Russian Navy Day celebration.

Lauded The Navy

During the ceremonial event, attended by high-ranking government officials, Putin lauded the Navy’s role in guarding the country’s maritime borders. Putin also recognized how the Navy contributed to protecting the sovereignty of the country and other lawless elements in the sea, including piracy and terrorism threatening the country’s security.

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Putin said that all Navy officers and servicemen in the service are well loved and appreciated by fellow Russians because of their dedication to serve the country. The President also lauded discipline and dignity of those who are in the naval service.


Navy Day celebrations. The Aurora cruiser.President of Russia website

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