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Russia News: NATO Expected To Abandon Confrontation

Russia News: NATO Expected To Abandon Confrontation
NATO AWACS Stig Andersen / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Russia News: NATO Expected To Abandon Confrontation

In the midst of a massive military exercise currently being held near its borders, Russia is expecting NATO to stop its confrontational advances and instead, work side by side with them in order to ensure global security.

Russia is hoping that “common sense will prevail” when it comes to its European neighbors and the U.S. On Tuesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksey Meshkov said, “We hope that our Western partners will find strength to abandon their confrontational plans and consider joining forces with Russia to ensure global and regional security.”

At the same time, Meskov also believes that the large scale military exercises constantly held by the NATO alliance is simply “unreasonable.” What he does not address directly, however, is the fact that NATO members and Ukraine are currently holding exercises in Ukraine itself, with the goal of assisting the country in “furthering their Defense Reform and Modernization efforts.”

According to a report from Sputnik, Meshkov has not failed to notice that NATO countries have also been increasing its military spending. Meanwhile, Russian news agency TASS reported that Moscow has said it will do what it can to keep the U.S. missile defense shield from undermining Russia’s own strategic ability.

“There are no signs that NATO is ready to reckon with Russia’s legitimate security interests,” as explained by Russian Permanent Representative to NATO Alexander Grushko. He also noted that despite the nuclear deal made by the U.S. with Iran, NATO and the U.S. have decided to continue with its missile defense systems and four U.S. warships armed with the Aegis combat system are also currently based at the Rota Naval Station in Spain.

In response to this, Grushko says Russia is now relying on its nuclear capability. “Everything necessary will be done to preserve the strategic balance and strategic stability,” he explains.

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