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Russia News: Missile Systems To Be Deployed In The Baltics

Russia News: Missile Systems To Be Deployed In The Baltics
Russian mobile ballistic missile launcher Hugh Llewelyn / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Russia News: Missile Systems To Be Deployed In The Baltics

According to Russia news, the world’s largest nation is not letting up in the Baltics. This, as NATO continues to reinforce military presence near Russia’s borders to defend allies Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, with the help of multinational battalions in the Baltic states that will be 4,000 strong. In response, Russia itself is beefing up its forces while moving new tactical missile systems in the area.

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin made it clear that they are done playing nice with NATO. Speaking at the State Duma’s plenary session, Putin said he believes that NATO is only “stepping up its aggressive rhetoric and aggressive actions” close to Russian borders. In response to these, he pointed out that Russia has no choice but to increase his “country’s defence capability.”

It seems that Putin wasn’t bluffing after all. According to a recent report from Russia Beyond The Headlines, former Black Sea Fleet commander and now head of the State Duma Defense Committee Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov said that there are now plans to reinforce the Baltic fleet with more troops. Moreover, it seems Russia’s Iskander-M tactical missile systems will also be deployed in the Kaliningrad region.

Kaliningrad is a strategic province for Russia. It is a Russian city that lies close to the Baltic Sea. Morning News USA previously reported that the said province is now home to some of Russia’s land troops as well as a naval brigade. With the addition of new missile systems, there would be better strategic defense for Russia as far as the Baltics is concerned.

The Iskander-M is said to be capable of neutralizing targets as far as 500 kilometers. It’s armed with two kinds of missile systems, ballistic and cruise missile. This means that the Iskander-M can be used to engage aircraft and rocket launchers while also destroying enemy command centers.

“The state armament program has already spelt out how to strengthen the Baltic Fleet and with what, and this process is already underway,” the admiral explained.

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