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Russia News: Agenda For NATO Meeting Outlined

Russia News: Agenda For NATO Meeting Outlined
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Russia News: Agenda For NATO Meeting Outlined

It seems that Russia is looking forward to hold a much needed discussion with NATO following the alliance’s recent summit in Warsaw. For Russia, the country is keen to talk about issues involving NATO’s future plans in the Baltic region as well as its missile defense system.

Over the past few months, tensions are high between NATO allies and Russia in the Baltic region. Back in April, the U.S. Navy said that Russia conducted “unsafe and unprofessional” behavior when a couple of its fighter jets flew too close around the guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook while it was conducting a series of deck landing drills along the international waters of the Baltic Sea.

The fighter jets were said to have flown too close and was said to have taken a “simulated attack profile.” Further incidents between the U.S. Navy and Russian navy had since occurred.

Today, Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that Moscow would like to push for the “Plan Niinistö” from Finland that would help improve aviation safety in the Baltics. As Morning News USA previously reported, this proposal involves the use of transponders by anyone flying over the said region.

Meanwhile, Pravda reports that Russia would like to hold discussions with NATO regarding the missile defense systems it is developing in the region. In the past, U.S. had assured Russia that such systems do not undermine their own defense. Russia disagreed.

Following the Warsaw Summit, President Barack Obama announced that the NATO alliance will enhance its defense and deterrence efforts in the region.

“Building on our European Reassurance Initiative, which has already increased readiness, from the Baltics to the Black Sea, our alliance will enhance our forward presence on our eastern flank,” he said.

At the same time, Obama confirmed that the U.S. shall be deploying a battalion of soldiers to Poland as part of NATO’s plans to deploy a multinational battalion in the Baltic region. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom will deploy forces to Estonia; Germany will deploy to Lithuania; and Canada will deploy to Latvia.

At the same time, Obama announced that a U.S. Armored Brigade will rotate throughout Europe along with 4,000 additional U.S. troops. Ahead of the Russia-NATO council, Obama declared, “NATO is sending a clear message that we will defend every ally.”

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