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Russia News: 3D-printed Nuclear Weapons May Soon A Reality

Russia News: 3D-printed Nuclear Weapons May Soon A Reality
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Russia News: 3D-printed Nuclear Weapons May Soon A Reality

It may sound ambitious, but Russia has taken the first step towards developing the first nuclear weapons made by a 3D metal printer.

Rosatom, one of Russia’s leading nuclear energy firms, has unveiled its futuristic project of developing components of the nuclear industry. With its advanced additive manufacturing technology, the company aims to pioneer the use of metal 3D printing technology in advancing its thriving nuclear industry.

First in Russia

Although attempts have been underway in some countries such as the United States and Sweden, it’s the first time a Russian firm entertained the idea of using metal 3D printing technology in the nuclear industry, 3D Print reported.

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During the early stage of this new project, Rosatom’s focus involves how to ensure the safety and reliability of printed components to meet the strict standard requirements of the nuclear industry. The biggest obstacle the company has to address is how to ensure that the printed components can withstand irradiation.

Aleksey Dub, Rosatom’s state corporation’s science and innovations division deputy chief, said that the company expects to have mastered the additive technology by 2018. The company has already been harnessing the application of 3D printing in other industries, and it’s the first time the firm would use such technology in the nuclear industry.

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“Today, a roadmap and strategy of additive technology development in the nuclear industry have been formulated. There are plans to have equipment, materials and technologies in order to offer the possibility of implementing any design ideas in the form of finished products,” Dub was quoted as saying by 3D Print.

The locally made TSNIITMASH metal 3D printer, which quipped with a 1,000 watt laser, has an estimated maximum output of 70 cubic centimeters per hour by 2017, reported.

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