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Russia To Monitor US Misconduct

Russia To Monitor US Misconduct


Russia To Monitor US Misconduct

Accusations about the Syrian ceasefire treaty have flown back and forth with both the United States and Russia at the receiving end. However, despite the tensed exchanges, the two countries are still talking about a possible cooperation, but Russia will not just take the West’s word for it as announces tender for system to monitor potential US violations of missile treaty. 

Russia to Monitor US Artillery

The Russian Defense Ministry just announced recently that the stage put an order for a system that could detect and support cases against the United States in relation to its tests of new strategic weapons in violation of the ‘New START’ treaty. The Russian government revealed the tender on its website earlier this week.

The tender also covers just over 72 million rubles (US$1.1 million) for the research and development of a hardware and software complex referred to as the Paritet (Russian for ‘parity’), according to RT.

The system will be equipped with capabilities that can gather and analyze data on any ballistic missile tests under the United States. These may also include data from submarine launches.

Furthermore, the tender also discusses that the completed system should be capable of combining the “general characteristics of the tests, the data from onboard monitors, and information about the types and trajectories of the tested weapons.”

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US Makes Emergency Landing in Russia

Whereas Russia is getting ready to monitor the misbehavior of the United States, comes an unlikely incident when a US surveillance plane made a forced emergency landing in Russia this Wednesday. The plane had to make an emergency landing thanks to an issue with its landing gear.

“The crew, in cooperation with the Russian escort crew on-board, terminated the treaty observation mission and diverted to Khabarovsk to drop off the escort crew and to exit Russia using the most direct route possible to facilitate inspection and repair at a US base in Japan,” Defense News quoted Pentagon spokeswoman Lt. Col. Michele Baldanza who also explained that the plane took off initially from the Russian airfield in Ulan Ude to start its observation flight.

“Khabarovsk is a frequently utilized Open Skies Airfield, designated by Russia for treaty purposes, but it is not normally a ‘point of exit’ for treaty missions.”

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