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Russia To Invade Moon! Secret Lunar Base, Cosmonauts On Stand By

Russia To Invade Moon! Secret Lunar Base, Cosmonauts On Stand By
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Russia To Invade Moon! Secret Lunar Base, Cosmonauts On Stand By

NASA’s Russian equivalent has revealed plans on stationing 13 cosmonauts on the moon soon. According to the organization, the cosmonauts will be in a secret lunar base which could mark a lasting effect that could rattle officials in the United States.

Russia’s Moon Ambitions

It may sound too farfetched but Russia is not playing around when it comes to its space ambitions. The space agency RosCosmos has been working on the lunar base plans. It has released some interesting details of such plans of what could soon turn into a reality.

“At the initial stage, the Moon base will be manned by no more than 2-4 people, with their number later rising to 10-12 people,” Izvestia quoted Olga Zharova from the Central Research Institute of Machine Building (TsNIIMash) via The Sun.

There will be a fallout shelter that can serve as both protection for the crew and shield from any nuclear attacks. The report also suggested that Russia will likely use the moon base for scientific research and possible minerals mining. However, this is not to disregard the fact that base may also serve a sort of military function.

It is expected that the lunar surface could be a critical point to set up a satellite detection base. This will also allow personnel to track enemy spaceships and destroy them should there be a conflict.

Russia’s Space Proposal

Another report from Sputnik emphasizes even more the country’s space ambitions. Russia will reportedly release its database of Earth orbiting satellites to the public. Information came from Viktor Shilin, head of the Russian delegation at the 59th session of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

“My gut reaction is that the Russian move should (but probably will not) be viewed as a constructive move,” Sputnik quoted retired Department of Defense analyst Franklin “Chuck” Spinney.

The Russian proposal is also in line with the Open Skies policy that the West has been upholding starting President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s proposal during the 1955 summit in Geneva with Soviet Premier Nikolai Bulganin.

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