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Peace Among Russia, US & NATO In The Horizon

Peace Among Russia, US & NATO In The Horizon
Meeting with President of the United States Barack Obama President of Russia / Official Website CC by 4.0


Peace Among Russia, US & NATO In The Horizon

The United States and NATO has always perceived Russia as a security threat. While military drills and progression seem to be part of the plan to deter the supposed threat, the parties are taking a new approach: to possibly ally with Russia. Is Russia playing a new game?

It was only recently when Russia and the United States decided to endorse a ceasefire agreement in Syria that raised many eyebrows as to whether Moscow has a new agenda. Russia has been under fire for its airstrikes but it has been the front-runner in making sure the ceasefire agreement was honored.

Now, Bloomberg reported that Russia and the US are now working on a new constitution in Syria as confirmed by Western and Russian officials. Consequently, this can be considered as one of the clearest signs in the commitment of the two world powers to arrive at a solution over the civil war that has dragged on for years. Nonetheless, the coordination is still at an early stage. According to Western official, Russia’s existing proposal is somewhat on the side of the Syrian government’s stance.

In a move quite different from his constituents, US Dana Rohrabacher has also drawn people’s attention to another side of the US-Russia tensions. According to the official, the two countries should be looking into becoming “friends.”

“The relations between our countries in the last 3 years have gone from dismal to worse. It’s become hurtful for both our nations,” RT quoted Rohrabacher. “Instead of an understanding that Russia is no longer the Cold War threat and thus they should be our friends, our government has only become closer because they feel they have to. Unfortunately, [it’s] not going further,” the official explained. The congressman said that the United States is seemingly coordinating with Russia on the premise of necessity instead of desire.

“There’s a necessity for our government to work with Russia now, because otherwise we’ll be suffering dramatic setbacks in the Middle East and in the cause of fighting against radical Islamic terrorism,” he added.

NATO seemed to be taking a similar approach as it will meet with Russia in the coming weeks. The meeting will be the first time since tensions rose from the Ukraine crisis. Both sides have now agreed to meet in Brussels in the following weeks. Although Moscow and Washington seems to be on opposing ends about Ukraine, the upcoming meeting between Russia and NATO is seen as a way towards improving diplomatic relations and as a way to avoid future military clashes.

“The NATO-Russia Council will discuss the crisis in and around Ukraine and the need to fully implement the Minsk agreements,” NATO said in a statement.

“We will discuss military activities, with particular focus on transparency and risk reduction. We will also address the security situation in Afghanistan, including regional terrorist threats.” It added.

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