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Russia Gives US Ultimatum Over Syria Ceasefire

Russia Gives US Ultimatum Over Syria Ceasefire
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Russia Gives US Ultimatum Over Syria Ceasefire

The Syrian ceasefire is a fragile ground and Russia continues to warn concerned parties that it will be prepared to address the situation unilaterally should someone violate the agreement. The warning extends to the United States with Moscow giving it an ultimatum.

Russia wants to make sure the ceasefire is upheld. It just issued a warning that it will act and respond accordingly to those found guilty of violating the agreement. According to the Washington Post, this new statement from Russia has injected a new volatile element into the dispute which has been relatively calmer for the past weeks. According to the report, this warning was made by Russia with particular eye on U.S.

Russia has been pulling out its forces since last week claiming that such has been possible because it already achieved what it went there for and campaigned for. However, the country did say that it will not stop targeting the jihadist groups Islamic State (IS) and al-Nusra Front. Campaigns against such terrorist groups are excluded from the ceasefire.

On top of the truce concerns, Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed that the country’s military will be prepared to strike as early as Tuesday against violators. The warning comes at the expense of having an alternative means to maintain peace and unless US leaders agree.

Russia also called out the US for not responding to repeated requests to come up with such measures. Lt Gen Sergei Rudskoi, chief of the main operational directorate of the general staff of the Russian armed forces said that the US is not yet prepared to engage in a substantive discussion. “Delaying entry into force of co-ordinated rules of response to violations of the cessation of hostilities regime in Syria is unacceptable,” BBC quoted the official. “In the absence of US reaction to these proposals the Russian Federation will begin unilateral application of the rules provided under the agreement on 22 March,” the official also warned.

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