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Russia Flaunts Killer Robot, What’s Pentagon’s Next Move?

Russia Flaunts Killer Robot, What’s Pentagon’s Next Move?
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Russia Flaunts Killer Robot, What’s Pentagon’s Next Move?

The Russian Army has flaunted its new Platform-M combat, dubbed as the Wall-E, on Sunday during its open-air expo. The combat is said to be capable of unmanned patrolling and attacks. Pentagon meanwhile is exploring the idea of programmable microbes to brain-machine interfaces and how AI is going to be integrated into defense’s weapons.

Russia’s Platform-M combat robot

The Russian Army flaunted its remote-controlled robot that can be armed with grenade launchers and Kalashnikov rifles, RT reported. The Platform-M is equipped with optical-electronic and radio reconnaissance locators. These features enable the robot, likened to Wall-E, to perform combat tasks discreetly during nighttime missions.

The robot can also be armed with “a variety of defensive chassis and weaponry,” RT reported citing Platform-M’s developer, Progress Scientific Research Technological Institute of Izhevsk.

The Platform-M is best “for gathering intelligence, for discovering and eliminating stationary and mobile targets, for firepower support, for patrolling and for guarding important sites. The unit’s weapons can be guided, it can carry out supportive tasks and it can destroy targets in automatic or semiautomatic control systems,” the developer said.

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Wait, What: Sept 9-11

Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPAis hosting an event titled “Wait, What?” from Sept 9 to 11. The event is a forum future technologies and how these technological advancement will raise within the broadly defined domain of national security. The event is designed to generate ideas for conceptual horizons and accelerate novel capability development in the years and decades ahead, DARPA said in its announcement.

“Wait, What?” will feature discussions on “Future Biotech, Future Law” that provides in depth discussion of the future of global security, rogue technologies and the law. The discussion will be moderated by Alta Charo, the Warren P. Knowles Professor of Law and Bioethics at the law and medical schools of the University of Wisconsin.

Charo’s discussion will focus on “revolutionary advances in the biological sciences… from programmable microbes to brain-machine interfaces that interpret and correct disruptive neural wave forms or allow direct control of devices through thought alone,” including its ethical and legal limitations.

Trevor Darrell, a faculty of the computer science division of the electrical engineering and computer science department at the University of California, Berkeley, will moderate discussion on AI technology. The discussion shall focus on how AI will be integrated into our critical infrastructure, our economy, and our defense. The panel will explore the new AI capabilities and the safety and cybersecurity challenges that should be addressed, including the potential economic and strategic impacts.


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