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Russia Dangles ‘Counter Measures’ If Sweden Joins NATO

Russia Dangles ‘Counter Measures’ If Sweden Joins NATO
Swedish Flag Fredrik Rubensson / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Russia Dangles ‘Counter Measures’ If Sweden Joins NATO

Sweden shall face dire consequences should it decide to leave its state as an alliance-free nation and opted to join NATO, Russia’s ambassador to Sweden warns Thursday. He said Sweden is not part of any military plans by Russia, but if it opted to side with the western alliance then Russia will be compelled to adopt “counter measures.”

Countries joining NATO should be aware of the consequences

Russia’s ambassador to Sweden, Viktor Tatarintsev, slammed Sweden of what he described as “aggressive propaganda campaign” aimed at Russia.

“Russia is often described as an attacker who only thinks of conducting wars and threatening others. But I can guarantee that Sweden, which is an alliance-free nation, is not part of any military plans by Russian authorities. Sweden is not a target for our armed troops,” Tatarintsev was quoted as saying by The Local.

While Russia does not view Sweden as a military foe, “counter measures” will be implemented should it join the western alliance.

“I don’t think it will become relevant in the near future, even though there has been a certain swing in public opinion. But if it happens there will be counter measures. Putin pointed out that there will be consequences, that Russia will have to resort to a response of the military kind and re-orientate our troops and missiles. The country that joins Nato needs to be aware of the risks it is exposing itself to,” he said.

NATO welcomes Sweden partnership

NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow welcomed Sweden’s deep partnership with the alliance in a visit to Stockholm on Friday, June 12. He said Sweden and the western alliance shared the same security challenges.

“The reason Sweden is such a close and long-standing partner of NATO is not simply because we face the same challenges but because we share the same values,” he said.

Vershbow said Sweden’s cooperation with NATO is a “win-win situation” for all parties. Sweden and NATO “share the same dedication to building a safer and more secure world,” he said.


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