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Russia, China, Pakistan Becoming Powerful Allies – Report

Russia, China, Pakistan Becoming Powerful Allies – Report
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Russia, China, Pakistan Becoming Powerful Allies – Report

Russia seems to have an increasing interest over the Asian region as it allies with China and Pakistan, marking a shift in political relations. While Russia maintains a relationship with India, many question as to whether a brewing war could mean Russia siding with Pakistan while backing China in its bid in the South China Sea – partly against the United States.

Russia is raising eyebrows here and there as it allies with China and Pakistan. Its friendship with China is concerning Western powers who have challenged Beijing’s bid in the South China Sea region. Now, Russia has raised flags on its partnership with Pakistan even with its conflict with long-standing Moscow ally, India.

Russia’s Converging Interests

“The drills in Asia appeared to highlight Russia’s converging interests with China and Pakistan, despite possible adverse repercussions for relations with India and ASEAN. Yet the wisdom of Russia’s latest policy of war games can remain a matter of debate,” wrote Sergei Blagov for Asia Times.

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Russia surprised many when its troops landed in Pakistan on September 23 for the first-ever joint military exercises. Around 200 troops from the two countries will be part of military drills until October. Russia and Pakistan were former Cold War rivals, which made the move more interesting. As to what Russia is planning for Asia remains to be seen.

NATO’s Marketing Ploy

Nonetheless, it has a clear opponent in the form of NATO which many Russian officials accuse of using Moscow as a tool to justify its military decisions.

“We have serious concerns that Western politicians no longer have any limits and turn certain facts and the chronology of events upside down; it adjusts its virtual reality to fit its concept of Russian aggression and the peaceful nature of NATO,” said Alexei Mukhin, Director General of the Center for Political Information via Sputnik.

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