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Russia & China Get Cozy Together Against The United States

Russia & China Get Cozy Together Against The United States
Meeting with President of China President of Russia Website / Flickr CC


Russia & China Get Cozy Together Against The United States

The United States and Europe may be doing more harm than good as the two nations work together to shun Russia away. Russia just gets inches closer to China each time. As tensions continue to rise, Moscow has itself an ally in Beijing which is consequently at odds with the West. Will the alliance be a threat?

The US is Playing a Dangerous Game

Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to go to China in line with the tradition of frequent high level Sino-Russian meetings. The practice has been seen through since 2014 and since then, Putin and China’s President Xi Jinping already met four times.

According to RT, the leaders are expected to discuss economic cooperation and the geopolitical issues. Among these include America’s THAAD missile defense system deployment in South Korea, Syria and th rising tensions between China and the West’s allies over the South China Sea dispute. While Russian ambassador to China, Andrey Denisov, admitted that trade with China still cannot match that of with the United States, the gaps continues to get smaller in the last two decades.

“If it had not been for the dramatic fall in oil prices, the volume of trade between Russia and China in 2014 would have exceeded $100 billion,” said Denisov. Likewise, Russia and China seem to be agreeing on a number of things especially since both have considered “threats” by the United States. According to some analysts, the current actions of the West against both countries may be driving the alliance to become stronger.

Russia and China Becoming Friends

With Europe since less than 48 hours since Brussels decided to extend sanctions on Moscow’s financial and energy firms, Putin said that he will be talking to Jinping. The details of the talk will include “practical measures to further strengthen ties.” Russia may be looking forward to befriending China more as the West continues to challenge its claims in the South China Sea, according to Forbes. The recent turn of events could bolster the alliance which could create a whole new threat to the countries that shunned the two nations together.

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