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Russia, China Consider US A ‘Threat’ To Global Stability

Russia, China Consider US A ‘Threat’ To Global Stability
Vladimir Putin had a meeting with President of China Xi Jinping. President of Russia / Official Website CC


Russia, China Consider US A ‘Threat’ To Global Stability

It does not come as a surprise that Russia and China have teamed up against the United States, calling the latter a threat to “global stability.” The West has been justifying a series of actions to deter Russian and Chinese aggression, which the two countries constantly claim as nothing but pure agenda. Can the three countries have peace, or will there be war?

China and Russia’s Friendship

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin recently met during the latter’s visit to the former. Both agreed to have closer cooperation by overseeing a number of deals last Saturday. The visit was Putin’s fourth trip since Xi took the post. The two officials emphasized that they have the same outlook when it comes to the investment, trade and geopolitical interests.

“Russia and China stick to points of view which are very close to each other or are almost the same in the international arena,” Manila Times quoted Putin. The official also added he has discussed matters of “strengthening together the fight against international terrorism” with Xi.

Other talks laid on the table include Syria, Korean peninsula and the South China Sea dispute. The two countries have come together because of shared mutual geopolitical concerns, which also involve the United States. The West has raised concerns over China’s South China Sea activities and Russia’s actions across the globe.

“President Putin and I equally agree that when faced with international circumstances that are increasingly complex and changing, we must persist even harder in maintaining the spirit of the Sino-Russian strategic partnership and cooperation,” added Xi. 

China to Seek Russian Political Aid

Nasdaq added that Russia became closer to China after the United States imposed sanctions on it in 2014 following Moscow’s decisions over Ukraine. Furthermore, China also abstained from a U.N. General Assembly vote that urged nations not to recognize the annexation of Crimea.

A number of analysts claimed that China may ask for the annexation of Crimea. Analysts say China may seek some Russian reciprocation provided it has been dealing with a number of internal diplomatic difficulties.

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