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Russia Boasts Warfare Technology, US Far Behind

Russia Boasts Warfare Technology, US Far Behind
Vladimir Putin President of Russia / Website cc by 4.0


Russia Boasts Warfare Technology, US Far Behind

Russia’s Syrian efforts have been controversial for the most part but the country does not seem fazed by it. According to new reports, Russia has achieved new highs in warfare technology in relation to the region but some are worried that the continued efforts and tensions with other countries will only result to more political madness.

It has been known for quite some time that Islamic State terrorists receive financial aid from different parts of the world. This has also led to countries trying to fight for Syria to increase their military efforts to defeat the said opposition. In a new report from Pravda and an interview with chief editor of National Defense Magazine Igor Korotchenko, it appears that Russia is stepping up its game reaching new heights with its warfare technology.

“The Americans have been trying to be as much cautious as possible with ISIL, because they see the terrorist organization as an ally to topple Bashar Assad. The United States wanted the Islamic State to take Damascus. The Americans wanted to do away with Bashar Assad, just like they did in Libya to Gaddafi – kill him without trial,” shared Korotchenko.

“Russia’s actions in Syria are much more efficient, because Russia is providing air support to all who fight against ISIL. There are many sides in this fight: government troops, Hezbollah, a group of Iranian special forces of the Revolutionary Guards and finally, the Free Syrian Army, or the moderate opposition, as we call it.” The official added. Nonetheless, he agrees that there could be more political issues underlying the efforts in Syria.

In another report by Robert Bridge for RT, he draws everyone’s attention to how Russia’s successful bombing suddenly got US think-tanks calling for American troops on the ground. According to him: “At the same time, Russian air strikes are continuing to pound Islamic State positions, proving – much to the apparent chagrin of Western leaders – the absolute futility of risking boots on the ground in the Arab Republic.” “Unless neocons like Kagan want US troops to serve as some sort of human shields for ISIS fighters, there is no good reason to risk boots on the ground in Syria when the technology is available to get the job done,” Bridge said

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