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Russia Blasted For Worst War Crimes In Decades

Russia Blasted For Worst War Crimes In Decades
At meeting on investigation into the crash of a Russian airliner over Sinai President of Russia / Flickr cc by 4.0


Russia Blasted For Worst War Crimes In Decades

Russia has been under fire for its military campaigns in Syria as several organizations claimed it has killed more civilians than terrorist group members. While Russia has denied the claims continuously, Amnesty International now claims that the country has continued committing the crimes without any signs of easing despite the supposed peace talks.

Russia has always denied killing civilians in Syria during air strikes but several reports countered such claims with images of hospitals and schools being bombed. Likewise, Amnesty International has also maintained Russia’s links to war crimes in Syria despite a supposed “cessation of hostilities” in place.

“Russia has been and continues to be committing war crimes in Syria, with no sign of abating despite its talk of cessations of hostility,” Kristyan Benedict, Amnesty’s Crisis Campaign Manager told in an exclusive correspondence. “Air strikes are horrifically maiming civilians as Russia brazenly compounds the misery of the remaining beleaguered population. Strikes on hospitals, schools and homes have been documented and targeting those civilian buildings, as well as the brave rescue workers sent to pick up the bodies, is a war crime as Russia knows very well,” the official added. More importantly, Benedict added that Russia is deliberately causing fear and panic among Syrian civilians to relay a specific message: it won’t be safe if they go against the regime of Bashar al Assad.

Additionally, Amnesty International also told Sky News that Moscow could be linked to the most “egregious” war crimes seen for the past decades. Tirana Hassan, director of Amnesty’s crisis response program, said that Russia’s attacks continue in the region affecting civilian homes on top of schools and hospitals. Bombing civilians is already considered a war crime but there were also reports that other attacks are killing and injuring humanitarian workers who are trying to help the dead and wounded.

Furthermore, a report released by Amnesty International on Feb 15 said that Russian forces are deliberately attacking hospitals in the region. The worse case of all was an attack against a maternal and children’s hospital.

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