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Rumors: NBA Expected To Change Playoff Seeding Next Season

Rumors: NBA Expected To Change Playoff Seeding Next Season
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Rumors: NBA Expected To Change Playoff Seeding Next Season

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on Tuesday announced that the long-standing tyranny of division winners are soon going to end.

Following a Board of Governors pow-wow in Las Vegas, the Commissioner said on Tuesday that the League will determine Playoff seeding per conference based solely on regular season wins and losses. The league is leaning toward eliminating any protection for division winners in playoff seeding going forward and instead placing the eight teams on the Eastern and Western Conference brackets based solely by record of regular season, according to AP.

“The recommendation from the Competition Committee is that we should seed one through eight based on conference standings for the playoffs,” Silver said.

“It wasn’t voted on yet because we wanted all the owners to have an opportunity to go back and discuss that recommendation with their general managers and their coaches, and we’ll vote on it before the beginning of the season. It’s my expectation that that change will be adopted before the beginning of this coming season,” Silver also added.

The Portland Trail Blazers earned the fourth seed last season in Western Conference, despite the Memphis Grizzlies and the San Antonio Spurs having a better regular season win-record.

Silver also admitted that the DeAndre Jordan free agency debacle was a disgrace for the League while addressing the looming labor war between the team owners and players.

Silver also clarified that NBA is going to protect players from cameras on-court.

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