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Rumors: Android N 7.0 Means Android ‘Nutella’

Rumors: Android N 7.0 Means Android ‘Nutella’
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Rumors: Android N 7.0 Means Android ‘Nutella’

While Android Marshmallow is still being enjoyed by many smartphone and tablet users, news about Android N began floating on the internet over the past several weeks.

Google started taking suggestions for the name of Android N last month. Suggestions poured in, from Italian dessert to Indian sweet named nougat and Neyyappam. However, the submission has already ended last week and it is highly unlikely Google will go with the majority pick.

Hence, Google wanted to end the matter with its opinion and rightfully so.

Evidently, an Indian dessert called neyyappam was one of the top choices along with nougat and Nutella. Even though the Indian dessert received a lot of votes, most fans are convinced that there is little chance that Google would take that as the name for next major version of Android, Phonearena noted.

It seems that senior vice president of Android has decided to spill some beans about the name of Android N.  Senior vice president of Android Hiroshi Lockheimer had tweeted some cryptuc stuff, teasing about the possible names of Android N 7.0.

It appears that Lockheimer has a personal liking for Nutella, as he started dropping hints about what Android N might be named after. Here are some of his interesting tweets regarding the Italian sweets.







With his next post, Lockheimer claims that he started researching about Nutella because he loves it. He also posted about Nutella before, which could suggest that his latest social media post is really not related to the next Android version.

It is quite possible that Lockheimer has a personal liking for Nutella and is just trying to confuse his followers who are waiting for Android N 7.0 updates. There is also a chance he just decided to throw some clues as to what Android N would be named after in a cryptic manner.

Do you think Android N 7.0 will be named after Nutella? Tell us your thoughts below.

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