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Royal Baby Number 2: Parking Hints And Memorabilia

Royal Baby Number 2: Parking Hints And Memorabilia
Kate Middleton Carmen Rodriguez


Royal Baby Number 2: Parking Hints And Memorabilia

Image from Flickr by carmen Rodriguez

Image from Flickr by Carmen Rodriguez

Parking restrictions placed around St Mary’s Hospital hinted as to when pregnant Kate Middleton will deliver royal baby number 2. Furthermore, commemorative tokens are already being created in preparation for the much-awaited birth of the prince or princess.

Parking restricted from April 15 to 30 for “special event”

The Mirror noted that road administrators have already posted parking restrictions in the surrounds of St Mary’s Hospital. The palace has yet to confirm the official due date of the Duchess of Cambridge, but a notice outside the hospital restricted parking from April 15 to 30.

The Mirror reported that the signage is the biggest clue for the Duchess’ highly speculated delivery date. According to reports, there is excitement about the possibility that Prince George’s sibling may be born on the Queen’s birthday, April 21, or the Duke and Duchess’ wedding anniversary, April 29.

Royal Birth commemorative token

The Royal Collection Trust will be selling commemorative china for the special event, Mail Online reported. Emma Bridgewater will also be selling a commemorative mug while Royal Mint will produce £5 coins. Designs and decoration will be finalized after confirmation of the second royal baby’s gender. As for the coin, decision will come after approval from the Queen. Also, babies born during the same date of the second baby will be entitled to receive a lucky silver penny among 2015 pennies to be produced.

While there is much excitement about royal baby number 2, an expert predicted that sales for the commemorative tokens for the second baby will be lower than that during Prince George’s time. The second royal baby will bring in sales of around £70 million. Prince George has brought £78 million.

“It’s not so much of a major event when you have another baby. I think it will have an impact on the sales of prosecco and champagne and cake but not much more than that,” Professor Joshua Bamfield told the Mail Online.

However, if the second royal baby turns out to be a girl, she will then bring in more sales in the long-term.

“When the baby has a certain sweater on, everybody will want to buy that. The impact of the baby is going to be the longer period – particularly if it’s a girl – the equipment they use, her clothes, her toys,” Prof. Bamfield said.


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