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Royal Baby Number 2 Announcement May Be Delayed

Royal Baby Number 2 Announcement May Be Delayed
Kate Middleton Carmen Rodriguez


Royal Baby Number 2 Announcement May Be Delayed

Image from Flickr by carmen Rodriguez

Image from Flickr by Carmen Rodriguez

The announcement that pregnant Kate Middleton has already given birth may be delayed depending on the date the delivery will happen. While Kensington Palace confirmed that the announcement of birth will happen via Twitter and will be posted outside the Buckingham Palace, it may be delayed should it coincide with important political activities for UK’s general election.

The palace has also confirmed that the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge want for the gender of their second baby to remain a surprise until the very day of the delivery.

In a press briefing, representatives said that the royal couple are grateful for the warm wishes.

“The Duke and Duchess are hugely grateful for the warm wishes they have received from people throughout the UK and indeed the world over the last few months. They know people are excited that Prince George will soon have a little brother or sister and it means a great deal to them that so many will be celebrating this important moment for their family,” a representative was quoted as saying during a press briefing.

As previously reported by Morning News USA, there are speculations that royal baby number 2 might come on April 25. Whether or not these are true, the UK media is reporting that all is set for the coming of Prince George’s sibling, the fourth in line to the throne.

Prince William will drive two hours to London

The Duke may travel two hours from Norwich to London when Middleton goes into labor, The Telegraph has reported, further saying Prince William is juggling his time among Norwich, Cambridge and Staverton, Gloucestershire training as an air ambulance pilot with Bondi Services. According to aides who have spoken with The Telegraph, there will be no helicopter to fly the Prince immediately when Middleton is admitted to St Mary’s Hospital.

The report also said that a contingency plan is already in place should the Duchess go into labor while visiting her parents in Bucklebury or their home at Anmer Hall in Norfolk. If such emergency delivery happens, maternity units at the Royal Berkshire in Reading and at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn are on standby. Prince William will then have to drive from Gloucester to King’s Lynn for three-and-a-half hours.

Royal baby number 2 will be delivered at the private Lindo Wing  just like brother George

If things go as planned, Middleton will be giving birth to the second royal baby at the private Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital. As previously reported by Morning News USA, her team of doctors will be led by renowned surgeons Guy Thorpe-Beeston and Alan Farthing.

As for the waiting media wishing to cover the royal event, parking restrictions are strictly to be enforced. The media will not be allowed to camp outside the hospital, not until the Duchess is admitted.

While St Mary’s Hospital wanted the royal baby to be met “in a celebratory, dignified way,” it does not want to “put undue pressure on patients or staff,” an unnamed source told The Telegraph.

According to BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell, police are expected to drive media crews away if they insist at camping out ahead of Middleton’s check-in at the hospital.

“I think on this occasion the police will move on any reporter, photographer, camera crews and people such as us, who attempt to linger there before it is confirmed that she has gone into hospital to give birth,” Witchell said.

“This is a new way of approaching it but it is symptomatic of this desire that there should not be quite such a level of chaotic interest.”

The Duchess, The Duke, Prince George and royal baby number 2

Middleton is expected to return to Kensington Palace after giving birth. But for the rest of Prince William’s two-week paternity leave, the family will be staying at their home in Anmer Hall.

According to reports, Middleton is not seeking an extra nanny for the second baby.


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