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Royal Baby Birth: Lunatics And Lone ISIS Members Feared Over Lindo Wing

Royal Baby Birth: Lunatics And Lone ISIS Members Feared Over Lindo Wing
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Royal Baby Birth: Lunatics And Lone ISIS Members Feared Over Lindo Wing

Securities tasked at guarding Lindo Wing carry concealed weapons over fear that lunatics and lone wolves will take advantage of the big event to launch an attack. The hospital where Kate Middleton will be admitted for the birth of the second royal baby is now being guarded 24/7.

Royal baby number 2: St Mary’s Hospital guarded against lunatic and lone wolves

Security officers are already stationed at St Mary’s Hospital. Former head of royal security, Dai Davies, said that lunatics and people obsessed with the royal family posed the most imminent threat. More than the threat posed by lone members of the ISIS, people whom Davies called as “fixated individuals” are more dangerous.

“The biggest fear would be someone from the lunatic fringe who wants to go down in history for whatever reason. There are no rules with people like that, it’s what that person decides to do when he wakes up that morning,” Davies told The Telegraph.

Security officials will be armed as they guard practically the whole of the hospital’s premises.

“They will be armed. In this day and age it would be nonsensical for them not to be armed, even inside a hospital. The Duchess is overdue so it’s not surprising that they are there. They have to make sure the area is secure, they will have carried out sweeps inside and they will be making sure they are familiar with the geography, the entrances and exits, and what options they have if an incident arises,” Davies said.

Security officials spark speculation that Kate Middleton has already went into labor

The media crew and fans that had already set up camp outside the hospital were thrilled as security officials and the royal press kept arriving at the hospital by late afternoon on April 28. They thought that the Duchess of Cambridge has already arrived to give birth. As it turned out, they were just having a drill or just monitoring the premises.

“They say they came to relax us and have a chat because there are so many media gathering here. However it had the opposite effect and everyone got very excited and thinking there would be an imminent announcement, but they insisted there would not be,” Victoria Murphy of The Mirror said.

Despite the false alarm, their excitement lingered.

“While they are saying there is no news yet, the birth could still come any moment now so that does not mean she will not be admitted later on today,” Murphy said.

Kate and Prince William drop hints

In a separate report from The Mirror, Kate and Princess William is said to have dropped hints that the second royal baby will be a girl. The report said the Dutch and Duchess of Cambridge, through royal aides, distributed breakfast to people who are already waiting outside the hospital. The breakfast included cakes and pastries tied with pink ribbon.


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