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Rowan Atkinson Death Hoax Not Funny, But Mr. Bean Playing Pokemon Go Is!

Rowan Atkinson Death Hoax Not Funny, But Mr. Bean Playing Pokemon Go Is!
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Rowan Atkinson Death Hoax Not Funny, But Mr. Bean Playing Pokemon Go Is!

Mr. Bean fans can be rest assured that Rowan Atkinson is alive and well. So much so that he can be seen going to extreme lengths to catch a rare Pokemon on “Pokemon Go” in a video!

Merely 48 hours ago, fans of the popular comedic actor, Rowan Atkinson were breaking down in tears over a hoax rumor that the beloved actor committed suicide.

Despite some of the legendary roles that he had portrayed in the past, Rowan had publicly come forward with his drug and alcohol addiction in the past. Hence, when some of the websites went viral with the news of his sudden demise, committed suicide no less, some of the fans all over the world did not question the authenticity of the news.

Rowan Atkinson Death Hoax

Even a doctored image which displayed the actor’s face with the message “R.I.P. 1995-2016 BBC NEWS” was being circulated in the social media, making for the ultimate deception, reports Daily Record.

The hoax was so elaborate that it even explained in detail how the police discovered his dead body at his place of residence.

It took quite a while for people to realize that Rowan Atkinson was safe and sound and the rumor was a false one. And the outcry of anger from the long-time fans of the actor’s work was immediate.

However, less than 48 hours later, people are back to laughing at how close to death Mr. Bean gets will be if  he is absorbed with his cell phone, playing people’s favorite app these days, “Pokemon GO.”

Mr. Bean Playing “Pokemon Go”

The clip is from his movie “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” and then made to look like he’s absorbed with his app. This was so effective majority of those who watched it thought he’s holding up a cellphone and playing the app. Why? They do that to and therefore, can relate!

The video which hilariously shows Mr. Bean causing a traffic jam and descending from a ledge of a building using stairs made of an array of vehicles has gone viral because it reminds one of the dangers of “Pokemon Go,” reports Tech 2.

Players who have engrossed themselves in the gaming app are causing inconveniences for people who have no interest in playing the game. “Pokemon Go” players have been reported to use their mobile devices while riding a bike, visiting a museum, which is dangerous and frowned-upon respectively.

People have even filed complaints of gamers trespassing on their personal property to catch a rare Pokemon. But players are continuing to break the law and put their own lives at risk, regardless.

The Mr. Bean video is aimed at teaching these over-enthusiastic gamers a much needed lesson. Watch the video below!


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