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Rovio Announces the Launch of ‘Angry Birds Transformers’ in October

Rovio Announces the Launch of ‘Angry Birds Transformers’ in October


Rovio Announces the Launch of ‘Angry Birds Transformers’ in October

Rovio Announces the Launch of ‘Angry Birds Transformers’ in OctoberAre you missing your Angry Birds buddies? Rovio has good news for you. The mobile game maker has announced the launch of the latest iteration of the popular game in October. It will be called ‘Angry Birds Transformation,’ and you’ve guessed it right, it will be based on the explosive sci-fi/action flick by Michael Bay.

In this new version of the mobile game, your favorite furious fowl will disguise as robots. The bird-slinging cast will still be fighting those nasty pigs, which in turn assume the roles of the evil Deceptihogs.

The company has announced separate launches for the new game iteration for different mobile platforms. The iOS version will be released on October 15, while the Android version would come half a month later on October 30.

Teaming up with Hasbro

As early as June this year, Rovio announced its plans to team up with toy maker Hasbro for the newest addition to the already expanding lineup of current Angry Birds titles. Obviously, ‘Angry Birds Transformers’ is based on the controversial 1980s action series.

Hasbro plans to launch the line of related products featuring the Telepods technology later this year. This would enable players and fans to possibly ‘teleport’ their well loved Angry Birds Transformers characters into the mobile game. Doing so would provide unique powers.

How to play it

Players would be challenged to topple piggy towers and hit swarms of enemies through strategic shots. Based on the game’s trailer, which came out on YouTube, the birds would be packing serious firepower.

But players are given the option to play on the side of either the good or the bad. Those who want to play for the good side can be Autobirds. Otherwise, they could be Deceptihogs. Both set aside differences to put down those nasty EggBots.

Timing of launch

The initial announcement came prior to the release in theaters of Bay’s ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction,’ starring Mark Wahlberg. At the same time, it also follows the talked about launch of ‘Angry Birds  Epic,’ which in turn is the game’s first role-playing version.

Earlier this month, ‘Stella,’ the latest Angry Birds spinoff, hit app stores as well. It introduces the new pink bird, Stella, which is an addition to the line of fowl characters in the mobile game.

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