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Rovio Announces New Characters in Upcoming ‘Angry Birds Stella’

Rovio Announces New Characters in Upcoming ‘Angry Birds Stella’


Rovio Announces New Characters in Upcoming ‘Angry Birds Stella’

Almost a week after instant and short-lived mobile game sensation ‘Flappy Bird’ was pulled out from app stores, the original game that features birds is about to launch a new version. This is expected to somehow help perk up many mobile gamers across the world.

Rovio has announced the upcoming release of another mobile game under the ‘Angry Birds’ franchise this fall. The Finnish mobile game maker said the new game would be called ‘Angry Birds Stella.’ It is another version of the original and first avian-themed hit mobile game.

As expected, the new game would come up with more surprises and a new lineup of added and interesting characters to the Angry Birds universe. On top of the list of these new characters is a pretty pink-feathered protagonist named ‘Stella.’

The pink bird with friends and more adventure

In a statement released through a blog post, Rovio said that Stella may be pink, but she is among the Angry Birds. The company described the new character in the game as feisty and fierce. She is not coming alone, though. Of course, Stella would come with her own group of friends.

Rovio said the new game would have new adventures. First, it would go into the realm of having actual ‘frenemies’ or friends who at the same time could be enemies. Second, ‘Angry Birds Stella’ would allow players to get into a new part of the game that they have never seen or experienced before.

In the end, the company assured that there would be more fun and adventure. But it warned that the birds would now have to deal with several serious issues so that friendship and their environment would be protected. This is where another interesting part comes in: Stella and her set of friends are very good at formulating strategic solutions in a creative way.

More plans for Stella

Stella may not be considered as a new character, though. Avid fans of Angry Birds could already have encountered her in the past. That is because she already appeared in ‘Angry Birds Seasons’ in 2012. There, she was introduced as ‘Pink Bird’ without any name, yet.

Along with the new game, Rovio has other plans for merchandising. The company is expected to release Angry Birds Stella themed good in the near future. Those include toys, books, clothes, and other fun stuff. 

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