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Rovio Announces Launch of ‘Angry Birds Stella’ in September

Rovio Announces Launch of ‘Angry Birds Stella’ in September


Rovio Announces Launch of ‘Angry Birds Stella’ in September

Rovio Announces Launch of ‘Angry Birds Stella’ in SeptemberWhat’s up with ‘Angry Birds’? After unveiling information about ‘Angry Birds Stella’ early this year, Rovio has finally revealed more details about the new iteration of the once popular mobile video game. According to the mobile game developer, the avian-themed slingshot offering would finally be available through app stores this coming September.

This new game is obviously aimed at creating new and refreshed interest on the popular Angry Birds franchise. It is opening a new chapter in the mobile game’s universe.

First, it would introduce the game’s numerous fans to a new set of friends, spearheaded by Stella, a pink-feathered and pink protagonist. She is joined by her pals Willow, Dahlia, Poppy, and Luca. All of them love to have adventure and fun. But as Angry Birds always have it, most of the time, their personalities may clash with each other.

Of course, there would be a protagonist, to make the game more interesting. The challenge would be posed by another new character named Gale, which is described as a good bird that has gone bad. Gale literally wants to dominate and rule over the island habitat of the birds.

The battle begins

The setting of the mobile game is set at the treetops located in the Golden Island. Stella and the gang have their own super powers that they can use to fight Gale, who comes with her own army comprising of pig servants.

In a statement, Rovio assured Angry Birds fans that Angry Birds Stella would definitely be fun. Aside from posing greater challenges even to the most seasoned bird slingers, it would also celebrate and demonstrate ‘girl power’ or ‘female heroism.’

The spirit of friendship

Angry Birds Stella would be about friendship. It would also be about the struggles of the six unique personalities. Rovio hopes that the spirit of friendship would be able to shake up the current gaming landscape. The company is also confident that the same spirit or camaraderie would transcend to animations, consumer products, and books under the new brand Angry Birds Stella.

Aside from the game, Rovio also revealed that it would launch a new animation series based on Angry Birds Stella in November. It would be airing weekly on ToonsTV. The series would then be accessible online and even through apps, Samsung Smart TVs, and Roku devices. Its first season would feature 13 episodes of inspiring stories about heroism, adventure, and of course, friendship. 

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