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Rothschild Net Worth: Billionaire Family Dumps US Dollar For Gold

Rothschild Net Worth: Billionaire Family Dumps US Dollar For Gold
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Rothschild Net Worth: Billionaire Family Dumps US Dollar For Gold

The Rothschild family recently said that they are shifting from the U.S. Dollar, which is considered the global reserve currency, into gold and “other currencies.”

The Rothschild family is currently being headed by Lord Jacob Rothschild.

The decision to move to gold was addressed by Lord Jacob Rothschild in a statement. “Our significant U.S. Dollar position has now been somewhat reduced as, following the Dollar’s rise, we saw interesting opportunities in other currencies as well as gold, the latter reflecting our concerns about monetary policy and ever declining real yields,” the report said.

Lord Jacob Rothschild: The world is in ‘uncharted waters’

As reported by the Dollar Vigilante, by 19th century, it came to light that the Rothschild family held around half of the world’s wealth. The Rothschild family has said that they will be limiting stock market and currency exposure, and will up their gold holdings. Lord Jacob Rothschild warned that the world is in “uncharted waters,” with consequences being “impossible” to foresee.

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“It is impossible to predict the unintended consequences of very low interest rates, with some 30% of global government debt at negative yields, combined with quantitative easing on a massive scale,” Lord Jacob Rothschild said.

The website further notes the decision to shift to gold is not a coincidence. A few months ago, George Soros and his friend Crispin Odey started moving into gold. Moreover, several globalist financial elites and the super elites are slowly moving towards gold as well.

Rothschild Net Worth

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According to The Richest, the Rothschild’s overall wealth has been diluted because it has been distributed among several heirs over the years. Despite the dilution, members of the family have been noted to have extraordinary worth. Lord Jacob Rothschild has a fortune of around $50 billion, Sir Evelyn De Rothschild is worth $20 billion.

As reported by Forbes, Baron Benjamin De Rothschild is the chairman and majority owner of the Edmond de Rothschild global finance empire which has more than $150 billion in assets under management.

Nevertheless, the family currently holds an estimated $350 billion in assets across the globe.

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