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Rosario Dawson Arrested at Washington Protest

Rosario Dawson Arrested at Washington Protest
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Rosario Dawson Arrested at Washington Protest

On Friday, the actress of the live action series “Daredevil” Rosario Dawson, was arrested after crossing police lines during the Democracy Spring rally in Washington, D.C. Reports also surfaced that the actress was seized by legal authority for crowding and obstructing.

TMZ claimed that D.C. police stated there were nearly 100 protesters who got apprehended on Friday.

Entertainment Online confirmed Dawson was not handcuffed, but was given a ticket for a $50 fine and was processed on site.

Following the apprehension of Dawson in the ongoing protests challenging corruption in politics, the “Sin City” actress said, “This is an important topic and I’m really thankful that I could be here and be a part of it.” She added, “I wanted for me, personally, to be in solidarity with the individuals who put themselves on the line.”

Dawson, who has been an outspoken supporter of the presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, also stated, “These are really important issues and the people really need them, and we’re putting ourselves on the line for what a lot of people across America and across the planet really want to be able to see happen in the United States.”

TheAmerican actress and activist clarified that the D.C. police showed no harassment during their protest. Dawson even said that the police were really great with them and they were really lovely.

In addition, this is not the first time Dawson was arrested for political reasons. In 2004, the “Seven Pounds” actress was apprehended at a rally protesting former President George W. Bush.

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